Created to meet the special needs of Christians dealing with addiction, Spencer Recovery Centers’ Grace Track offers a unique, faith-based drug and alcohol recovery program. Built upon the firm foundation of Spencer Recovery Centers’ 26 years of experience in the field, Grace Track interprets the twelve steps through the teachings of Jesus Christ. We offer Christian-oriented recovery for those whose faith may have been shaken by the ravages of drug and alcohol addiction, but still seek communion with God as their salvation. While traditional, secular programs focus on the need to connect with a “higher power”, Grace Track centers on Jesus Christ as the higher power, in whose light we may walk toward full mental, physical and spiritual recovery. This Christian perspective can lead suffers toward real healing, steeped in God’s unending love and forgiveness. Combining twelve-step work with the principles of Christianity as detailed in the Living Recovery Bible, Grace Track blends professional, clinical expertise with a Christian approach, offering believers a sacred path to recovery.

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