Grace Track understands that chronic addiction impacts not only the sufferer, but also those closest to him, and therefore offers a full spectrum, family-oriented approach. Mother or father, son or daughter, brother or sister, husband or wife, family members seek to support their loved one and restore relationships that have been dismantled by alcohol and drug abuse. By including the family in the recovery process, Grace Track encourages nurturing interaction, and educates every member on how they can best support their loved one through compassion and deep understanding. From intervention to rehabilitation, we treat the whole family, offering Christian counselors, available in person and by telephone, to help families build healthy communication.

Our experience shows that quite often, the dependent person is unable to seek help for him or herself. That means that family members regularly face the tough question of how best to help their addicted loved one. Grace Track’s faith-based, family focus offers detailed, highly successful intervention support to help you take that first step toward healing your loved one and your entire family. Though you may have a common language through God and the teachings of Jesus Christ, the dependent person in your life may have withdrawn and become so defensive that reaching out by yourself feels hopeless. With Grace Track’s professional, time-tested support, you will never feel alone in this journey back to wholeness.

Let us lead your loved one and your family toward lasting renewal. Simply click here or call 800-781-6113.