Recognizing that someone has a problem with drug and alcohol addiction is the first step on the road to successful recovery. For better or worse, those whose lives are most affected by a dependent person’s behavior often recognize the symptoms of addiction long before the sufferer can see them for him or herself. Feelings of guilt and low self-esteem can lead to defensiveness and denial. When the burden of responsibility falls upon loved ones to help their drug or alcohol dependent family member, the task may seem too daunting. Families and friends are often beset by feelings of fear and hopelessness that their loved one will never willingly enter into sobriety. Guided by Grace Track’s licensed, California Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor (C.D.A.C.), the faith-based intervention process proves to be one of deepest love and compassion, founded on true forgiveness as taught to us by Jesus Christ.

If someone you love suffers from addiction, make one courageous phone call to Grace Track today, and let them lead you and your loved ones toward a successful intervention. Grace Track’s time-tested intervention program garners a 90-95% success rate, as it helps addicts and alcoholics come to understand, without judgment or self-condemnation, how their behavior is harming those they love. Guided by the expertise of Grace Track’s experienced counselors, family and friends proffer factual evidence of the sufferer’s disease, testifying to the seriousness of addiction. Offered humbly with God’s support and Christian intentions, intervention provides a gentle means of breaking down denial, enabling the sufferer to seek the help that is needed. Successful intervention, led by a professional, marks the beginning of a new life for the addict and the family, free from the ravages of chemical dependency.

Chemical addiction is a disease like no other: chronic, progressive, incurable, and potentially fatal. It has however been proven treatable through spiritual reunion with God. Intervening on behalf of a loved is an action of pure faith, in God and in each other, that the bonds of Christianity in conjunction with a clear program of recovery will heal the wounds of addiction.

Grace Track is ready to help you and your family rediscover life through recovery. Simply click here or call 800-781-6113.